For those that are going to enter into the NZ Construction industry it is really important to know that they are entering a safe work environment. The New Zealand Government has many governing bodies in place to oversee this, along with appropriate rules and regulations.

The New Zealand industry is huge and has a constant demand for different types of workers, so it is also within the best interests of the individual construction companies to ensure work safety.

Employer Obligations

industrial-1636390_960_720Employers have the obligations to ensure that their employees are informed of any potential hazards that may be in place during any project. Being as the projects are constantly changing so are the hazards. Through proper reviews of the projects and informing workers through safety meetings it creates a much safer environment.

Proper Equipment

In addition to having the proper knowledge about the safety factors, having the proper equipment to work with is another priority for safety in the construction field. Employers must make sure that all the regulations are met regarding each piece of equipment and that they are properly inspected and in good working order. Reports must be maintained regarding this.

Workers Responsibilities

Workers must also accept safety responsibility on the work sites. This means knowing what the regulations are, attending meetings and not taking dangerous short cuts that could lead to injury or death.

It is the responsibility of all parties involved to do their part to maintain a safe working environment. If infractions are taking place then employees have the right and obligation to report this to management or the proper authorities if needed. Worry about job reprisals should not be a concern, and for the most part this is not an issue with the NZ construction industry.

As new dangers are identified or weaknesses in the safety regulations come to light amendments are made to ensure that ongoing safety is being practiced.