When an individual is going to have any type of construction work done around their home, or have a new home built it means they will be using the services of many different types of professionals.

Architects and Designers

For those that are going to have their home built it all begins with the proper plans. There are professionals such as home designers and architects that can take the ideas of the new home owner and put these on paper with the proper measurements.

The Builders

There are are several different types of builders that will be taking part in the home build. There will be those that specialize in the foundation. Then there will be the frame workers. In addition to this, there will be the roofers.

The Electricians

Another popular and important trades person is the electricians. They have the responsibility of making sure that the new home is going to have all of its electrical needs met and that it is done according to code.

The Plumbers

Every home needs proper plumbing and to get the job done for the new home build it means bringing in plumbers that are going to make sure that all the plumbing needs of the house are going to be met.

download (2)The Carpenters

For the finishing work when it comes to the structure and the esthetics of the home this usually falls under the expertise of the carpenters.

The Painters

Finally once all the major work has been done on the new home built it means having the finishing touches added to it. This is where the painters come into action.

General Construction Workers

Within this group of professionals there are many general construction workers that are needed for a successful completion of the home build.

There are a lot of very talented professionals needed to construct a new build in New Zealand.